Archival Collection

Overview of Holdings 

  • Newly available! Records of the WCTU of Southern California, 1884-2008
  • The Frances Willard Papers: correspondence, documents, 80 scrapbooks, 50 journal volumes, publications, speeches, photographs
  • Records and serial publications of the World’s, National, state, and local WCTUs, including annual reports, newsletters, handbooks, and a complete run of the Union Signal
  • Photographs of individuals, groups, and events in WCTU history
  • Artifacts, such as banners, buttons, promotional items, and other ephemera
  • Subject files on events, traditions, people, and places
  • Pamphlets, flyers, educational material, and songbooks produced by the WCTU
  • Indexes to the Union Signal and national meeting minutes (the only existing set of indexes)
  • Dissertations and theses on relevant topics, many based on research in the Archives
  • Publications and pamphlets from other temperance organizations (1840s-20th century)
  • Books on temperance, alcoholism, narcotics, and smoking; the WCTU and other temperance groups; women’s suffrage and other social issues–dating from the 1840s-present