Learning Resource Guide

Featuring many materials that are found only in the Frances E. Willard Memorial Library and WCTU Archives, this resource guide provides readers with an assortment of primary source materials on the life of Frances Willard, her involvement within the local community, and the evolution of women’s roles within the context of a changing America in the late nineteenth century. Through this “virtual” archive, you can engage in independent exploration, and form your own interpretation of Willard and the issues she championed.

Please note: This 99-paged resource guide was produced as a result of a course project for DePaul University undergraduates in HST 391, “Local and Community History.” The FWHA is grateful to Chad Beckman, John Gentry, Wyatt Ramsey, and Courtney Wilson for their efforts, and is pleased to present their work here.

Click below to download each section of the Resource Guide as a separate pdf document:

  1. Early life
  2. Work with WCTU, part I
  3. Work with WCTU, part II
  4. Later life and Virtual Tour of Willard House
  5. Bibliography

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