Digital Exhibits

We have created multiple digital exhibits to help interpret the histories connected to our site. These exhibits cover a variety of topics, including: Frances Willard, the WCTU, women’s history, race, activism, and temperance.

For convenient access, here are links to our digital exhibits:

Truth-Telling: Frances Willard and Ida B. Wells.

This is an award-winning community history project that explores the conflict between Frances Willard and African-American activist Ida B. Wells. The project includes a digital exhibit of original archival sources, community conversations, and public programs. The goal of the project is to uncover the full truth of the conflict, and explore its many meanings and ramifications for our world today.

Performing Temperance

Performing Temperance is an online exhibit that features primary sources while exploring the ways temperance advocates used oratory, recitation, and drama to disseminate their reform agenda, educate children, and train temperance workers – especially women – to speak in public.

Influences of a Self-Made Woman: The Early Journals of Frances Willard

Influences of a Self-Made Woman looks at the journals of Frances Willard’s early life in order to better understand her early influences: people, places, and ideas, that fostered her devotion to the woman’s suffrage movement, social activism, and political work. Willard’s journals are available to view online.

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