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    Visionary Feminist

    Social Justice Advocate

    Political Activist

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Re-opening of the Museum!

We have completed restoration of four rooms in Willard House and have revamped several museum rooms to tell a broader story of the history of Frances Willard, the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, and their astounding work advocating for women’s rights and social justice. We think you will be surprised by the contemporary relevance of their work and hope you will come to visit soon.

The museum will be fully reopened in March, 2017. Tours will take place every Sunday (March – December). Tour hours are from 1-4 pm and tours take place at 1, 2 and 3 pm.

Please note: We will not be open Easter Sunday, April16.

Special tours are also available by appointment. Please email tours@franceswillardhouse.org for more information about tours or to schedule a special tour.

Featured Collections Object

The Polyglot Petition


Our new display of the Polyglot Petition.

The polyglot petition is considered the first international effort to stop the trafficking of alcohol and opium. “Polyglot” comes from two Greek words: “poly” meaning many and “glot” meaning languages. The petition has signatures from residents of six continents. We would like to thank the Jim and Annanette Harper Family Foundation for their generous support of this display.

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